If you’re planning a trip to CAN CUN, you may be wondering what type of tour is the best option. While hitting the not-so-beaten path on your own may sound romantic, you may miss some of your destination’s best sights. Alternatively, you may consider a large guided tour. However, such options often involve short stays at important attractions and so-called photo ops that involve seeing sights from the moving bus. One of the best options for touring The Great Peninsula de Yucatan is taking a guided private tour. Guided private tours offer a number of benefits:

1) Customized offers with unparalleled flexibility
Guided private tours put you in charge, you own the tour. Find something really interesting along the way and definitely we’ll stop at your request. Your private guide can alter the tour to include other similar sights. You can also ask in advance while you book for special requests. You can also have the tour focus on a particular aspect or place you’d like to learn more about. The options are endless.

2) A relaxed atmosphere tailored to your interests
Don’t worry about being rushed to the next stop before you’ve had a chance to really take in that impressive place. Private tours offer a laid back setting in which to enjoy just all the sights that we offer, without feeling rushed.

3) Personalized attention from your guide
Private guided tours allow you to control the tone of the tour, with personalized attention from the tour guide. With a private tour you can ask the questions you’d most like to have answered and focus only on the topics you find interesting.

4) we don’t look at you as a client, we look at you as a guest that have chosen to come and visit us from other parts of the world, and the last thing that we would like to do is to make you feel unwelcome, unsecured and with the money sign written on your forhead. As any guest that comes and visits, we definitely want to make you feel just like home, we don’t want just a relationship between company and client, we want true relationships that would last. That’s why we’re  professionals in what we do, honest, friendly,respectful and hard working. We are so sure that ones you have chosen us you will difinitely get what we offer and some.