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Private Tours Advantages

If you’re planning a trip to CAN CUN, you may be wondering what type of tour is the best option. While hitting the not-so-beaten path on your own may sound romantic, you may miss some of your destination’s best sights. Alternatively, you may consider a large guided tour. However, such options often involve short stays

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(Mayan: (Chichén) Boca del pozo - mouth of the well (Itza) wizzards or enchanters of water) is one of the major archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Located in the municipality of Tinum, in the state of Yucatan. Important and renowned relic of the Mayan civilization, the main buildings that remain there

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Visiting Tulum and Coba

From XVI century the site it´s been known as “Zamá”, it is possible that it refers to the word in Maya that means ¨tomorrow, wich it makes sense since this place is located on the highest zone of this coast, where it is possible to contemplate the sunrise as a magical spectacle. The Mayan city

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Eat at KAUA

Enjoy eating a tradditional Yucatan dish in a original tipical place. you'll be able to see how the corn tortillas are made by hand and by native women, and not just that you'll enjoy one of the best yucatan dish which it's called poc-chuc. (poc=toast) (chuc=charcoal) The restaurant is a mayan hub style which

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The Magical Town of Valladolid

Located halfway (two hours from each) between Mérida and Cancún, Valladolid, newly-named “Pueblo Mágico” in August 2012, is a bustling Maya city with a special colonial flavor. This is where you will see the majority of the townspeople still using the typical dress of the Maya, and the buildings around the Main Plaza painted pastel

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On our everyday tour we always recommend to our guest the next accesories for your comfort during our trips: 1 Change of Clothes Swinsuit Comfortable Shoewear (Tennis Shoes or Sandals) Snorkel Gear Towels Credit Card or Cash Money for Souvenirs or Tips.